"3D Skymaster" is a network developed by the Yifeng flight shooting game, a total of 4 players selected for the fighters in the game, each fighter has their own characteristics! "3D skymaster" in both skills and challenges while giving players bring a variety of colorful images and superb visual experience, a variety of dazzling effects of the explosion, under difficult intensive barrage, a variety of different shapes enemies and player-controlled aircraft that strong gorgeous firepower can bring players intense combat process and COOL gaming experience! Flight shooting game like friends do not miss strategy!
Android Version 2.2+

1. Click the button to be redirected to download the app
2. Install and open the app
3. Use up to 2 MB of data on Skymaster to receive additional airtime. You will get credit for every 2 MB of data you use on the app within 10 days of installing it
4. Keep the app on your phone for at least 7 days to get additional airtime
5. Return to mCent throughout your trial to see how much free data you have earned for using the app
6. Return to mCent after 7 days to get additional credit

You must open Skymaster and use at least 1 MB of data on the app to receive additional airtime.

You must keep the app on your phone for at least 2 days to receive additional airtime.