Saavn Music & Radio
Get your music, free – anywhere, anytime! Saavn brings you the best Bollywood, English, and Indian regional music. Browse and play your favorite songs and artists, create your own playlists, enjoy expertly-curated music from our editors, or play personalized radio based on any song or artist – Saavn delivers the perfect music, every time!
Saavn has all your favorite songs by your favorite artists!
Android Version 4.0+

1. Click the button to be redirected to download the app
2. Install and open the app
3. Use up to 60Mb of data to stream songs on Saavn Music & Radio to receive additional airtime. You will get credit for every 2.5 MB of data you use on the app within 3 days of installing it
4. Return to mCent throughout your trial to see how much free data you have earned for using the app

You must open Saavn Music & Radio and use at least 2.5 MB of data on the app to receive additional airtime.